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About us

Mr. Tzintziovas Panagiotis who is the soul and the heart of the company has started to work on the art of casting in 1970 as a trainee next to the best craftsmen of that period in Thessaloniki. Due to his love, talent and desire he managed to have the best possible education and become today one of the best craftsmen in Greece. Since 1980, he has created his own factory which had been developed over time and is seated today in Lakkoma, Chalkidiki.

 The way of traditional byzantine hand-made casting and the oldness of our patterns has become the cause to become well-known in the ecclesiastical and brass constructions. The patterns that someone can find in our factory are the patterns that were given with the blessings of the Fathers of Mount Athos and also true copies from the church of Panagia Theodoron, personal church of Romanov house, where we undertook their construction and placing. The hand-made metal casting is for the creation not only of specific types of construction, but also for any thought and desire of our customers at the best and competitive prices in the market.


Kindest regards,

Tzintziovas G. Panagiotis

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